Traditional Australian food

It’s our view you haven’t really experienced Australia unless you’ve tried at least a few of these traditional Australian dishes. Whether you like sweet, savoury or something in between, there is a food item that will appease your taste buds. Australian cuisine appeals to everyone.

Australian dishes

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Meat Pies

There is nothing more Aussie than meat pies.  Traditional Australian meat pies are handheld, filled with gravy and mincemeat, then topped with tomato sauce. They are typically eaten on the go and picked up from servo stations or cafes.

Australian meat pies a traditional part of Australian food

However, in recent years the diversity of pies has become unmatched. You can find everything from vegetable and vegan pies to gourmet options like the scallop pie at the Apollo Bay Bakery. You’ll easily find some variation of meat pies on the menu at most sporting matches and social gathering events down under.


Vegemite is something of a religion to most Australians and one of Australia’s favourite foods. However, this yeasty, brown spread is a heavily debated topic amongst visitors who tend to love or hate it. Vegemite looks similar to Britain’s Marmite, but locals will tell you it is much more savoury than its UK alternative.

Top 10 traditional Australian foods 1 Top 10 traditional Australian foods

Most people eat Vegemite simply on toast with butter for breakfast. However, it can also be added to stews or other dishes for added flavour.

Tim Tams

For the ultimate sweet treat try Tim Tams one of Australias most popular snacks. They are comprised of two layers of chocolate-malted biscuit separated by a light chocolate filling and coated in chocolate. The cookie company Arnott that produces Tim Tams, has estimated they sell about 35 million packs every year, showing just how popular Tim Tams are.

Top 10 traditional Australian foods 2 Top 10 traditional Australian foods

In fact, the demand has become so high for these heavenly biscuits, that you can now find them in most large supermarkets worldwide.

ANZAC Biscuits

ANZAC biscuits are so much more than a cookie – they are a stark reminder of the country’s past. During World War 1 the wives and mothers of soldiers used to make these biscuits for their men to see them off to war with. For the soldiers they were a taste of home.

Top 10 traditional Australian foods 3 Top 10 traditional Australian foods

The cookies are made up of rolled oats, sugar, golden syrup, flour, butter, desiccated coconut, bicarbonate of soda, and water, which means they keep for a long time. You’ll find that they are popularly eaten on ANZAC day on April 25th. A day to commemoration the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) members who fought in World War 1.


In taste, Lamingtons are mouth-watering; they are made up of square-shaped sponge cake which is dipped in chocolate and coated with desiccated coconut. You’ll find different Lamingtons variations that you can try out, such as two layers with a cream or jam filling.

Top 10 traditional Australian foods 4 Top 10 traditional Australian foods

Fairy Bread

Fairy bread is one of the more unusual traditional Australian food items, that you may not come across unless you have little ones. For Australian’s taking a bite of fairy bread is like going back to childhood. It’s also a great food to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Top 10 traditional Australian foods 5 Top 10 traditional Australian foods
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Fairy bread is made of three simple ingredients: white bread, butter, and rainbow sprinkles. The dish is easy to make as you will just cut sliced white bread into triangles. Smear it with butter or margarine and then cover it in hundreds-and-thousands of sprinkles which stick to the bread in the form of a bright and multicoloured treat.


The dessert is typically homemade and made up of crispy meringue, whipped cream topping, and light fruit toppings. You’d be hard-pressed to find an Australian family who doesn’t love this after-dinner sweet. However, if baking is not your strong suit you can also find pre-made pavlova from most of the major supermarket chains in Australia.

Top 10 traditional Australian foods 6 Top 10 traditional Australian foods

“Avo” on Toast

Avo on Toast is a popular dish among locals that you’ll find on most breakfast and brunch menus across the country. There is some variation but it is typically made up of mash avocado, sprinkled with pepper, feta or goat cheese, olive oil and topped with a poached egg. It is perfectly complemented by a tasty Australian coffee roast.

Top 10 traditional Australian foods 7 Top 10 traditional Australian foods

Chicken Parmigiana

The chicken parmigiana started as an eggplant dish in Italy but evolved into a chicken schnitzel topped with tomato pasta sauce and melted cheese it is today. You will surely come back for more after trying out this lovely dish.

Top 10 traditional Australian foods 8 Top 10 traditional Australian foods

Kangaroo Meat

A visit to Australia would be incomplete without seeing a Kangaroo, the national icon of Australia. Although most tourists usually take pictures of the animal bouncing around and don’t realize it ends on the shelves of most supermarkets across the country.

Top 10 traditional Australian foods 9 Top 10 traditional Australian foods

Kangaroo is a lean red meat, rich in omega-3 and higher in protein and lower in calories than beef. You can cook it in a number of different ways however, it typically comes in sausages or burgers form. Australians widely agreed that Kangaroo meat is best prepared with pepper, rosemary, garlic, juniper, or fruity flavours like redcurrant, plum, and orange.

Regardless of your preference or dietary restrictions, Australia is a great foodie destination. Australians love their food and take care to prepare it. So if you are visiting don’t forget to enjoy your time in the country sampling traditional Australian food!

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Top 10 traditional Australian foods 10 Top 10 traditional Australian foods

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