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This is my little corner of the blogging universe. I have another website called xyuandbeyond which centres upon my husband and me travelling through housesitting.

The World’s Kitchens deals with my food obsessions and love of food anthropology. I am constantly amazed at folks who travel and take in nothing. They don’t try the local food, they simply hang on a beach drinking or admiring the architecture and not appreciating the culture they are smack dab in the middle of.

I am fat, 60, married with 3 kids (all boys now grown-up). I have a couple of rather annoying auto-immune conditions that thankfully keep me from hiking, walking great distances and when the exhaustion kicks in I am done. I also have very few photos of myself, which is sad, but I hate my picture being taken.

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I hate cooking but love food in every permutation. I studied anthropology in university and graduated with a BSC in Social Sciences anthro and women’s studies. And I have to say that education was an absolute blessing and changed my life.

For many years I worked in the food industry, first setting up a gluten-free bakery in the mid-’90s then developing flavoured wraps at the same time for foodies who wanted more than just a slice of white bread or a plain tortilla. My business friends and I created several flavours, Meditteranean with garlic and oregano and coloured with natural spinach, Jamaican, which was a gorgeous yellow and flavoured with Jamaican curry powder, California veggie with real veggie pieces, and Tomato Basil. We also created a chocolate, raspberry and vanilla wrap.

At the same time, I began working for various food manufacturing companies developing gourmet products for a Kosher manufacturer, Delaware First Nations in Ontario creating gourmet indigenous food products. Several delis and supermarket chains with the creation of wrap fillings and new dips and salads such as quinoa, freekeh, barley, hummus, and ancient grain salads.

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So you see my food obsessions do have a basis in my previous existence and I decided to build this blog because I love eating food, talking about food, researching food, experimenting with food flavours, learning about regional foods, discovering new “cuisines” and old ones. Basically exploring anything and everything to do with food.

I’ve spent a lot of time working with non-profits to help them build profit to survive in a competitive world. I took a community theatre from a mere 100,000 a year revenue to over a million and helped create a community theatre space for marginalized groups including refugees, immigrants, differently-abled folks and youngsters of all ages.

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I turned a Pioneer Village into the place to get married through the creation of a wedding planning and corporate events program. The Children’s Museum and the Museum of Archaeology also gained income streams by using the spaces for special events, corporate training, and weddings.

I’ve written ESL curriculums, grant applications for housing for abused women and children, community development grants for my local neighbourhood, economic development grants for those living in poverty.

I’ve created social media marketing plans for alternative health practitioners such as hypnotherapy and reiki. I’ve written about food for other bloggers, worked on articles for a Legacy publication.

I’ve even been featured in the Wall Street Journal as a travel blogging housesitting adventurer.

What you can expect with The World’s Kitchens

Lots of food history, what role food plays in our societies, food culture, the odd recipe, and hopefully really interesting stuff get you thinking about where exactly that meal comes from.

My writing has been featured in these places:

Worked with:

HRH Royal Palaces, Warwickshire Tourism, Oxfordshire Tourism, The Globe Theatre London, Postal Museum London

West Tribes Blog: research, blog content and setting up SM channels

Housesitting Magazine: articles on Merida Mexico Issue 07, Xmas in Dublin Issue 06, Xmas in Belfast Issue 17)

Earth’s Attractions travel guides

Insight Hypnotherapy: created all website content and developed a Social Media plan

Traverse Magazine: Searing Heat – The Cuisine of the Yucatan (no longer in business)

Cyrux Solutions:  client content including: Kitchen Designers, Fireplace Installers, Dentists & Dental Surgeons

TipMyTip: Travel writing content

Legacy Arts/Paragon Road Magazine:  The Power of Giving Together Issue 11

Travel Massive

CHRW Western University


BBC Radio Ulster

The Virtual Sidekick: content around productivity for her new blog

Tara’s Designer Exchange Social Media Management

Headstuff – Ireland’s Alternative Online Magazine

The story of Ellie Kisyombe – in Direct Provision and her food business

Cathy Mackenna winner of the Great Irish Bake off

Brown Bread is not Irish

My Linkedin Profile – you can see many of my references here

As featured in

The Wall Street Journal

Travel over 50 - We are old not dead!

Worked with:

HRH Royal Palaces, Warwickshire Tourism, Oxfordshire Tourism, The Globe Theatre London, Postal Museum London

Travel over 50 - We are old not dead!

Voted one of the Top Female Travel Bloggers to Watch in 2019 


  • CONTENT AND GHOSTWRITING – I am a superb researcher and can write on any subject. I am particularly interested in travel, food, culture and issues of health and well-being. I have written for hypnotherapists, shiatsu specialists, dietary issues such as diabetes, gluten-free, wholistic, indigenous foods, spirituality sites, restaurants, hospitality and restaurants, creatives including Irish artists, food bloggers and other publications. 
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