5 European Boat Trips for Foodies Couples

Boating in Europe with your significant other can be a lot of fun, especially if you both love good foods! As you know, Europe is home to some of the world’s best foodie hotspots. If you need inspiration for planning your next boat trip, check out the top European boat trips for foodies couples below.

5 European Boat Trips for Foodies Couples 1 5 European Boat Trips for Foodies Couples
  1. Croatia 

Home to more than a thousand islands, Croatia is one of the world’s best destinations for boating. But one of the best things about boating in Croatia is you get the opportunity to sample the tastiest cuisines. Therefore, if you’re a couple who loves great food, you should go boating in Croatia. 

The best way to enjoy Croatia’s food scene is to join a small ship cruise, where you get to sample local cuisines as your boat hops from one island to another. Your boating excursion will take you to places like Dubrovnik, Zagreb, and Split, home to the best dining spots in the country.

5 European Boat Trips for Foodies Couples 2 5 European Boat Trips for Foodies Couples
  1. The Balearic Islands 

The Balearic Islands, home to Mallorca, Formentera, Menorca, and Ibiza, are some of the best destinations for boating in the Mediterranean. These islands may only make up a tiny percentage of Spain’s landmass, but they are bursting with personality and has plenty to offer for foodies. 

Go island hopping in Ibiza and stay in a beautiful luxurious villa with views. Ibiza may be famous for being a party destination, but it’s also a hotspot for foodies. But instead of dining in the fanciest restaurants on the island, why don’t you check out the locals’ favourite hangout spot? Check out Locals Only, a wonderful venue along Plaza del Parque, offering a delicious menu of mouth-watering dishes made from fresh local ingredients, giving foodies an exclusive farm-to-table dining experience.

5 European Boat Trips for Foodies Couples 3 5 European Boat Trips for Foodies Couples
  1. France

When boating in France, head to Bordeaux, a charming port city famous for its wine-growing industry. Lying along the Garonne River, Bordeaux is an ideal boating destination for couples seeking a romantic getaway.

Experience food and wine tour on your river boating excursion along the Garonne. Your boat will stop at some picturesque villages home to bustling food markets where you can get a real taste of authentic French cuisines.

5 European Boat Trips for Foodies Couples 4 5 European Boat Trips for Foodies Couples
  1. Greece

Exploring Greece by boat is an exciting way to visit off-the-beaten-path destinations. You’ll also get a chance to stop at secluded bays and sleepy harbours lined with fantastic restaurants and cafes. 

On your boating holiday in Greece, make a stop at the island of Crete, famous for its delicious local cuisines. Some of the most delectable Cretan dishes to try are kochlioi (snails), tsigariasto (goat stew), and dakos (Cretan meze).

Asun - Spicy Roast Goat, popular Nigerian electable spicy roasted goat chopped into bite-sized pieces
  1. The UK 

In the UK, couples can enjoy a romantic narrow boating excursion along its scenic canals. For a truly romantic holiday experience, enjoy a scenic canal trip by buying your own narrowboat, giving you the freedom to explore the cuisine of Scotland, Wales, and the Cotswolds. As your boat traverses along the UK’s scenic canals and rivers, you’ll come across picturesque villages home to cosy pubs where you can enjoy traditional English fares with a glass of beer.

5 European Boat Trips for Foodies Couples 5 5 European Boat Trips for Foodies Couples

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